Block Specification

Magnesium comes in five thicknesses or gauges:

  • 16 gauge 1.6mm 0.064”
  • 12 gauge 3.0mm 0.118”
  • 8 gauge 4.0mm 0.157”
  • 5 gauge 5.0mm 0.197”
  • 3 gauge 6.3mm 0.250”

Zinc plates, if prefered, are made in 16 gauge material.

Flexible Polymer plates are 0.067” and 0.100” thick.

For letterpress printing it may be necessary for us to mount each block to achieve ‘type height’. We offer two options.

Mount Block Specifications
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For ‘type high’ blocks of 0.918” (23.3mm) we can mount either 16 gauge on a pre-ground MDF board or the deeper etched 5 gauge on 18mm MDF. Some adjustment in the ‘make ready’ is usual.

Zinc plates can also be mounted.

Our etch depth control allows The Blockshop provide embossing dies and counterforces for embossing a range of materials including leather and heavy board.

We can also produce a Braille embossing combination for packaging – just ask for some information.

Mount Block Specifications   view | download

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