Artwork Preparation

Our preferred way of receiving files is 100% black CMYK, at ‘same size’ or with dimensions, as:

  • Either an EPS file with fonts outlined or as curves, with a PDF proof.
  • Or Email artwork as a ‘press-ready’ PDF file (with embedded fonts) and a faxed hard copy for proofing.
  • Or Email us a Bitmap saved at 1200dpi or as high a resolution as possible.
  • We can also accept digital files in current versions of all major design programs, (i.e. Quark, Illustrator, InDesign, Freehand, Coreldraw) but to avoid issues with font differences and clashes these are best saved as eps’s with fonts outlined or as curves.
  • We can accept simple Publisher and Word files (along with font names used) but these are better saved as or exported as, ‘press ready’ pdf’s. (You can do this through the print dialogue box or the ‘save as’ facility). Alternatively, fax a hard copy to confirm the design style or post us your hard copy and we’ll scan it.
  • Word seems not to embed fonts in pdf’s and errors can occur if we don’t have a hard copy to check against so a faxed version is always a good idea.

Hard copy:
Please ensure that the hard copy you send to us for scanning is accurate and printed on a good printing machine. If your printer isn’t great, run a hard copy at the size you want the plate to be AND a hard copy twice as big so that we scan the big version and reduce it to the size you want (include a dimension to be on the safe side).

Save your images (logos, graphics, etc) as bitmaps at 1200dpi or as high a resolution as possible and send them in the email or live trace them in the eps file. If you need any images scanning, post your images and artwork to us and we’ll sort it out.

If you need any halftones please specify the number of dots per inch you want to print with. If you don’t want a halftone, use the bitmap mode (go to Image – Mode) in Photoshop.

Line weight:
Don’t use hairline rules, make lines/rules at least 0.5 point, 0.2mm or 0.007″ thick. Your files should be the same size (s/s) as your desired plate and include any related linked images.

Because of turnaround time contraints we will provide proofs only upon request and recommend your careful inspection of the block before use.

Measuring a block
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Measuring your block for self pricing:

If the print area measures say, 8” x 2” the pricing area will be 8.5” x 2.5”=21.25sq”. Simply read down the left hand column to 25sq” and across to the gauge you require. Add to this cost any separations and/or mounting, extra routing, sizing or RMSD post for your total.

Cut-off time and Turnaround:

Assuming that your files are ready to go and with us before 12.30pm, we aim to have standard unmounted blocks in the post that evening. Mounted blocks will probably be posted the next evening.


First Class post is included in our pricing but if you need anything urgently we recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery (RMSD) at £6.25p extra. Heavier items may require a courier service, ask for a costing.

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